Gimme ZombiePopcorn!

The Zombie Popcorn hunt is on and it starts HERE. The hunt runs from June 1st to 15th, hit the subscriber for a NC with all hints and LM`s. I am showing you some of my favourites here:

Outfit incl flats by Monroes
Skin by Filthy
Eyes and tattoo by DAMNED
Mouthie by EY:NO
All Poses by Diesel Works

Floating chair with 3 poses by What Next
skin by Filthy
Bikini by PixelDolls
Boots by Duh!
Hat by LaGyo
Necklace with bottle by Pepper

Outfit incl boots and doll by Pinkmares House
Skin incl tattoos  by Insanya
Queen of hearts skin by Nuuna`s
Safety pin piercings and tattoo by Razorblade Jacket
Bloody Kimono incl shoes by Sassy Kitty Designs
Collar by Bubble

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